When is big too big?

Let’s get one thing straight. I love a good oversized anything. The bigger the tent, the better. Billie Eilish got it right. Oversized is great. An oversized jacket screams, “I possibly have a great body under here, but the world will never know”. Is it bad that a girl wants to be comfortable? Whoever saidContinue reading “When is big too big?”

Tuck, Rattle and Roll

I’m going to cut straight to it. I am guilty of um… how to do you say, tucking my shirt into my underwear. Ok I know what you’re thinking. Brilliant right? I know it’s maybe not the most attractive thing a girl can do, but how else do you get your shirt to stay tuckedContinue reading “Tuck, Rattle and Roll”

Let’s Talk About Socks

If this blog title didn’t catch your attention, I don’t know what will. Growing up my dad would always ask for socks for Christmas or his birthday. I never got him any because I thought “he doesn’t really want socks. Who wants socks?” So instead I would buy him a spatula for the BBQ. IContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Socks”

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