The Ultimate Bad Girl

Bad Girl

Let’s dive into it. You will hear me talk a lot about my love for men’s clothing (not for men to wear though…for me). I will rant about my lack of basic women skill sets such as not brushing my hair (it’s called au naturel), or how I think I look oh so chic with the natural face look (can’t do makeup for the life of me). I hate carrying a bag (backpacks are the exception-hands free!) If it doesn’t fit it in my pockets, I’m not bringing it. Did I mention I LOVE pockets? But women’s pockets vs men’s pockets? Funny joke. Did you know men have inside pockets?! Literal gamechanger. I know nothing about the female body (does anyone?) Little lingerie sets? How about some flannel pajamas! I know I’m sounding repulsive, but trust me, I am very very good looking. I’m just bad at being a girl. What can I say, I’m a bad girl.

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