Tuck, Rattle and Roll

Photo: Getty Images

I’m going to cut straight to it. I am guilty of um… how to do you say, tucking my shirt into my underwear. Ok I know what you’re thinking. Brilliant right? I know it’s maybe not the most attractive thing a girl can do, but how else do you get your shirt to stay tucked into your pants?? Here’s how. You simply tuck that sucker into your underwear. And no, it does not bunch. It is not uncomfortable, and yes it is embarrassing if anyone found out I did this. Everything just stays nicely in place, there is no maneuvering – it’s pure perfection. I know you’re probably wondering why I don’t just wear a body suit, but do you know how much work that is when you have to go to the bathroom?? Who wants to spend a half hour in there trying to shake rattle and roll your way out of that thing? I like a quick escape and easy access, so no I won’t be wearing a body suit. I will be tucking my shirt into my underwear thank you very much.

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