Let’s Talk About Socks

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

If this blog title didn’t catch your attention, I don’t know what will. Growing up my dad would always ask for socks for Christmas or his birthday. I never got him any because I thought “he doesn’t really want socks. Who wants socks?” So instead I would buy him a spatula for the BBQ. I mean grill spatula or socks? Obviously spatula. Who doesn’t need 4 spatulas to flip burgers? Riveting gifts right? So anyways, as I have progressed from my youth through my twenties, let me tell you, I love me a pair of socks. Are you not completely intrigued with what I am saying yet? Stay with me now. I’m not talking about socks that you get with pink lips on them, or socks with sloths on them (unless they are cashmere because cashmere > everything). I’m talking about men’s socks people. I like a nice thick, slightly oversized, cushioned chunker that makes your feet feel like they are walking on clouds. I own way too many socks but only end up wearing my brother’s socks because once again, men’s things are sometimes just a little bit better. I’m a pretty simple person and there is nothing better than keeping those feet happy. Currently I’m into Bombas socks. I want pure comfort. My mom and sister don’t wear socks when they wear boots and I cringe at the thought of it. Nothing separating the skin of the foot with the sole of the shoe. I don’t know what is more terrifying. The thought of wearing no socks, or the thought of wearing Crocs? Kidding…it’s not even close. It’s Crocs of course. Anyways, next time you go to grab a pair of socks, might I suggest the men’s section?

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